Memory Clouds

Memory clouds is a flash website I made for my Collective Narrative class. We were asked to look into memories in relation to objects and places. It hit home. My friends and I are scattered all around the world, from Dubai to London to Paris to Sao Paolo to Barcelona to New York, to Beirut… I asked a few of them to pick an object that they have in their possession but that doesn’t belong to them, and asked them to tell a story that this object inspired , or the place it came from.

When you click on an object, you hear its story. If you click on several objects, it creates a beautiful mess, and all stories play at the same time. You can pause, and turn off the background music playing Leonard Cohen’s “Bird On the Wire”. Click on any of the red dots will mute everything. If you want to resume playing the music, click on the play button. You can always click on the objects to listen to new stories again.

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