About Me

I am a New York based product designer and part time resident artist at the ConArtist Collective in the lower East Side. Living in Manhattan allows me to keep up-to-date with tech and design news, both online and on the field. I have worked as a freelance product designer and illustrator for over 8 years now; over the years, I have tackled diverse projects ranging from commissioned digital illustration to graphic design to publication design, to web banners, flash games, websites, apps, and interactive prototypes. I was originally trained as a product & interior designer as well a digital multimedia designer.

I am an alumna of NYU’s prestigious Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) where I worked on crafting user experiences as well as improving my coding skills and diving in storytelling. I was involved in a wide variety of interactive projects ranging from interactive displays, to creative coding, to designing web and mobile applications, as well as sound installations and video art.

I love illustration, acting, experimenting, constantly creating art installation concepts in my head, compulsively buying illustration books, discovering new things and places. I am also a die-hard “Alice in Wonderland” fan.  What a book! An insanely imaginative ode to insanity written by a mathematician. An irrational masterpiece written by a master of rationality. A lot like New York City.

When I’m not working, you can find me singing or recording songs, playing the keyboard, or drawing weird female creatures on my sketchbook and Wacom tablets.