Behind The Red Door

– Behind the Green Door: One of the first feature-length adult films to ever be released in the US. It was adapted from an anonymous short story of the same title, which was circulated by means of numerous carbon copies. It was based on a 1956 song called “The Green Door”. The lyrics of the song describe the allure of a mysterious private club with a green door, behind which “a happy crowd” play piano, smoke and “laugh a lot”, and inside which the singer is not allowed.

Similarly, in this experimental short movie by Wajma Mohseni, Samuel Slover and myself, the main character in constantly seen peeking through a shut door. “Behind the Red Door” tackles three main topics: Lust, Envy, and Insanity. The audience is led to believe that the main character is stuck in her past, still infatuated with the man who left her. She is seen watching herself with him, from a distance. The closed red door is a painful reminder of what’s out of her reach. In a maze of red, green, tears, candlelights, and insanity, the film explores her struggle against closed doors.

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Behind The Red Door from Myriam Melki on Vimeo.